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Nicole Holland Green

"With each brush stroke, she created something perfect for my space."

"Commissioning Tessa to craft an original piece of watercolor art for my kitchen backsplash was a privilege.  The experience was not just about the art, but about the personal connection it created in my space, making it truly enchanting.  From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, Tessa exuded kindness and patience.  She listened intently to my vision, weaving it effortlessly into her creative tapestry.  With each brush stroke she created something perfect for my space.

Tessa's mastery of watercolor is fabulous.  With every hue and gradient, she captures the essence of nature.  Her attention to detail is impeccable.  But what truly sets Tessa apart is her warmth and generosity of spirit.  Every time I look at this piece, I am reminded of her which feels like a blessing.  For anyone seeking to infuse their space with the magic of watercolor, look no further than Tessa.  She and her work are true gifts to the world."

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Flowers Teal Vase Card Mock Ups_edited.jpg
Edward Williams

"While each order has been incredible, each order has always surpassed my expectations and the customer service has equally matched."

"I've always felt that the same process that a person goes through to pick out the right bouquet for that special someone should be the same process when picking out the right card.  While I enjoy the prior, I believe the latter can have more of an everlasting impact because it never withers nor perishes. That special someone has a tangible reminder of your true feelings that is available anytime and anywhere.  No batteries or water required.  Somehow, has found a way to capture the beauty of a bouquet and the emotions of a card.  The artwork, quality, and style are just as unique as the message you want to include.  Although one size fits all can be great for clothing, in cards it does not touch a person's spirit and soul.  Thus far, I have placed orders for the note cards, birthay card and also received the Vintage thank you card.  While each order has been incredible, each order has always surpassed my expectations and the customer service has equally matched. is the company that I have needed.  I no longer have to spend countless time searching for the right card.  Thank you; see you on my next order."

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