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  • Tessa Simmons

Try This Gratefulness Exercise

Start by standing in one of your favorite rooms in your home. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale, then open your eyes. Now imagine you are a guest in this room for the first time. Look around carefully at each piece of the room. Try to get the feeling or vibe of the room. What must this person be like? Can you get an idea of this person's personality? How does this person live his/her life? Now, begin to walk slowly through the next room repeating this process. When you have visited each room you wish to visit, stand firmly and speak out loud, "This is MY home. This is a representation of ME." If you feel grateful, begin to express gratitude in a comfortable way for you. When I tried this, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude, I had to give thanks in each room. If you feel any negative emotions, ask questions to determine why you are feeling this way. What can you do to feel proud of your space? If you decide to change your space by expressing who you are, take it slowly. Avoid getting overwhelmed - remember the goal is to be grateful.

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